Saturday, October 29, 2016

The walls are closing in

My husband went to the pre-drywall meeting yesterday and he said it went very well. We have a closing date set for January 3!!! :D Electricity is done, the garage doors and front door have been installed, insulation was being put up while he was there, and the drywall is expected to go up next week. The PM said it will take about 8 days to put it all up. Our siding has been delivered and is sitting in the basement. By reading other blogs, I'm hoping it'll be put up while the drywall is being put up. The PM also said that there have been so many people going through the house that they need to lock the doors now for safety. Now we have to make an appointment to go see the inside of the house. :(  And the flooring/cabinets are expected to be installed in about 3 weeks!! They said this is the time where everything slows down, but I feel like it's going fast. Our PM and his crew have been awesome and very professional through this whole process. We barely have anything to complain about.

Now for the pics:


  1. Yay! Fun times. It goes so fast from here on, so take lots of pics.

    We were told from the very beginning that RH policy was that you had to have an appointment to walk through the house. We've only been in our home by appointment and it hasn't been a problem. Our PM is very accommodating.

    Looking forward to your next update with those walls up!

    1. Yeah, it's going to be hard because the only time we're off is on the weekends and they don't always work on Saturdays. We'll have to ask ahead of time if they plan on working the weekend.

      Congrats on your home by the way!