Saturday, November 5, 2016

Drywall is almost done

The doors ended up not being locked since there's nothing really for thieves to steal, so we got to go in. These workers must be working extra hard because all of our drywall is up! I believe all they have to do now is the "mudding" part of it. I'm guessing all of next week is going to be finishing the drywall. I have to say that I was disappointed that they didn't put any siding up yet. From reading other blogs, I've noticed other homes had drywall and siding go up around the same time.

They also leveled out our backyard a little more and took out a few more trees. They filled in the little "pond" area in the very back and it makes the yard look decently bigger. I'm satisfied with that, which is a big deal because the backyard was what I was worrying a lot about. There's still a slight slope, so we may end up grading that out more once we're in the house.

As for the basement rough-in: I am even more annoyed with them putting a wall instead of a door now. My reason being because they put electrical stuff on that wall where the door is supposed to be, so if we ever want to finish it, we'll have watch out for that stuff and re-wire. I still think it would've been much better if they would've just made a door, but too late now. :(

Otherwise, the rest of the house looks fantastic! I'm uploading a lot of pics today. (They uploaded backwards, so they're pretty much going from upstairs to downstairs).

                                            Black tarp is gone and so are some dead trees!

Bonus Room
The arrows you see on the wood are symbols for the direction the doors will swing

                                                                        Master Bedroom

                                                                     My tub is in!

 I was shocked at how small the "toilet room" was. I could've sworn it was bigger in the model home.

                    We HIGHLY suggest getting the tray ceiling! It opens up the room SO much!!

                                                                 One of the bedrooms

                                                                 Upstairs hall bathroom
Laundry Room


          Another bedroom. If you peek out of the window, you can see how fast the neighbors' homes are flying up.

Tiny closet because we got the bonus room.

                                                Where's the heart eyes emoji on my computer?!

                                  They put the morning room doors in and the outside railing up

Garage on the right, office on the left, powder room straight ahead


Powder Room

Looking at where the fridge/pantry is going to go. I'm worried our fridge may be too big for that little space.

                                                                        Dining Room

The electrical work where the door should be

Main part of basement. It was pitch black, so we only had our phone lights.

Does the middle beam on the porch look crooked? My husband said it won't matter once they put the stuff up around it.
The porch has been cemented!
They finished another road in the neighborhood, and this is the view of our house from it until the rest of the houses on the cul-de-sac go up.


  1. Seems like they shrunk your one bedroom closet a lot. We have the bonus room and the closet isn't that small. Also those supports for on the front porch are just temporary. They will replace them with the columns.

    1. Are you guys building the Landon as well? Well make sure to bring it up to the PM because I thought it seemed extra small as well.

    2. Ours is built. Been in for a year now. The door for ours is moved over more, so inside you have space to the left and right of the door.

    3. Here is the drawing that shows the size.

  2. You're right, ours is tiny compared to your plan! I'm definitely asking our PM about this!