Saturday, October 1, 2016

Moving right along

Our PM called yesterday and told us that the basement walls were up and the waterproofing was done. I was shocked because it rained a lot this week and I didn't think they'd be able to get anything accomplished. He said next week the pre-framing work is scheduled to be worked on. This includes basement plumbing, cement floors, and etc.

My mom and I went out and looked at the lot today. We met the neighbors whose house started being built a few days before ours. I was so relieved to know that they were young and had kids like us. Very nice people! Their lumber was sitting in the front yard, but I feel bad for them because they said when the workers were pouring the concrete flooring, it started to rain a ton. When the concrete dried/settled, it looked really weird and there were cracks. The PM tried to tell them that they could do something to cover it, but they're making them dig up the concrete and do it over. I don't blame them at all. We're all spending a lot of money, so we expect quality work. Don't let Ryan Homes talk you into ANYTHING you're not comfortable with. But we're really hoping that the neighbors setback doesn't set our house back since we're basically neck and neck. This weeks weather is supposed to be really nice, so we'll see how it goes. 

We also bought our refrigerator from Lowes today. They're having a great sale on appliances and our fridge was 40% off! We have it set to deliver in December, but Lowes allows you to set the date back further if needed when the time comes. 

Here's our lot from today:

Backyard (still worried about it being too small)

Panoramic view of the whole thing

Standing in the "garage" looking at the mud room/office/kitchen

Looking at the morning room and where the stairs will eventually be

Dining room/family room

Looking at the lot from the curb. The garage is on the right side. 

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