Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nice Weather = Progress!!!

We haven't gone out to the lot yet, but our PM called and gave us our weekly update. He said they got the basement plumbing and cement floor done, the 3 ft. moat filled back in on the outside of the house, and now they're working on framing the first floor. Apparently the wood floor has been laid on the first floor and the PM said he thinks the workers are going to get out there this weekend and put up the rest of the first floor framing. So exciting!

He did ask that if we visit the lot then to stay on the street and look. He said this is one of the most dangerous times to go up to the house and look around, so we're not going to take any risks. We'll probably wait to go out there until next weekend.

One more exciting thing we found out this past week... We're pregnant!!! So now we have two exciting things to plan for!

Edit 10/8/16:

We ended up going out to the lot today and as a shock to us, they're almost done framing the first floor!! I can't believe it has only been 16 days since they broke ground. We walked around the house, but we didn't go inside.

I feel bad for the neighbors because now their house is behind ours. Theirs should've been just about done framing by now, but it still hasn't been started. We saw that Ryan Homes fixed their cement and it looked like it was still drying when we stopped by. The lot to the right of us and across the cul-de-sac still haven't sold yet and it'll probably be a while since they're on big hills. But we did see that the lot in the middle of the cul-de-sac broke ground, so maybe we'll meet those neighbors soon as well.

Here's the pics from our trip today:
Pulling up to the house. The driveway still seems SO long. I can't help but to keep wondering if they could've brought the house forward more so we could have more of a back yard.

Looking towards the porch, front door, and part of the garage.

Looking at the other half of the garage and into the mudroom/office/kitchen.

I was standing on one side of the property line and my husband was on the other. The yard is very wide and they're going to take the yard back a little further, so it'll be a bit bigger than this. Should be plenty of room for the kids to play, right?

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