Sunday, September 25, 2016

We have a hole!

It has been a long time since I last updated because life got crazy and the house was put on hold for a month. We got married in July and other life events happened, but we're back at it!

Mid-July: Our loan application was sent to underwriting and only took 2 DAYS to get approved!! Woohoo!!!

Our house was set to break ground in late August, but then it was pushed back to September 20. My husband had to go to the pre-construction meeting without me because they only do it during the day and not on weekends. I wasn't able to get off work to go. Our PM's name is Craig and he went over the blueprints and prepped us for what was going to happen. He also said he would call with updates every Friday. 

They ended up not breaking ground until Thursday, September 22 because other issues arose with the other houses they were working on. My mom surprised us and took pictures of the first dig. She lives about 25 minutes from the lot, so she said she's going to try to make frequent visits for us since we live about 45 minutes away. We'll try to make it out there once every other week. Our neighbor's house broke ground on September 15, so we're right behind them. I couldn't believe that they already have their basement cement walls up!

Breaking ground 9/22/16:

My sister and I went out to the lot yesterday (Sept. 24) to see the big hole and we were shocked to find that there wasn't only a big hole, but also the footers were poured! I've read MANY other Ryan Homes blogs and knew they went up quickly, but it's awesome to see them move quickly on our home. It's still hard to process that OUR house is now being built since we've waited so long for this!

Hole and footers 9/24/16:

I can't wait to keep going out to the lot to see the progress they've made every other week! My only concern is how small the backyard is going to be. I've always wanted a big yard for the kids to run and play in, but ours doesn't look like it's going to be big.

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