Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trip back to the house

We went back again today with my mom, her boyfriend, and my father in law which was a great thing we did because they were all very helpful and insightful! We noticed more mistakes than yesterday and learned a lot of different things in general. I'm just going to post pics of the problems we saw with a description under the photo. Hopefully they're already planning on fixing some of this, but we want to make sure they know we know about them. We don't want them to try to cover up the stuff with the cabinets.

Better view of the thermostat in the middle of the wall

Hole next to the light. Im guessing an easy fix

This is what I mentioned in my post yesterday where the island split when the counter was placed

Manufacturer defects - little holes and looks tacky

Knick in the big cabinet and paint/scrapes. We want this cabinet replaced

Another manufacturer defect or maybe a scratch

Scratch on the floor. Father in law said he could stick his nail under it. 

A lot of the cabinet doors were uneven. Hopefully when they fix these, it doesn't make a lot of ugly holes on the inside.

Along with being uneven, a lot of the double cabinets had a gap in between the doors and you could see into it. It's hard to tell by this pic.

Small hole/gaps in attic entry. Potential for air to get through

Broken piece on hall bath air vent upstairs

The right window doesn't close all the way

Closer view

Bulge where the drywall meets the ceiling in the bonus room

Chip on the master door

Railing is uneven and tilting a little bit. This would bug me every single day.

Should that insulation be showing?

Small hole in the basement ceiling

I'm guessing they'll caulk this later, but we took a pic just in case.

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