Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Final walk through

We finally went to our final walk through today and it went great! We walked around and went over every little thing and looked at every nook and cranny. The PM put blue tape on all problem areas and the crew was supposed to come in afterwards today to fix them. The cabinets were replaced that had chips in them and were straightened out. The planning desk drawers weren't straightened though, so he said thats an easy fix. He had even went through before we got there and put blue tape on stuff ahead of time. I'm happy my mom and her boyfriend went with us because they caught stuff we would've missed. Some things weren't fixed that I had asked for in the email, but he taped those things and said they'll for sure get fixed now. The biggest problem was the railings are the wrong color because the painter thought he read one color when it was actually another, so they're going to fix them. The tree was finally cut down in the backyard as well. They just have to go back and take the wood away. The thermostat wasn't moved, but it's still in the plans to be moved this week. They gave us 3 garage door openers as well. We move in ONE WEEK from today!! 😁 Something interesting we heard - Apparently there's one more street that's being added down the street from us, so there's going to be 28+ more homes in the near future.

Suggestions we have:

-Ask them to put the little stoppers (that they put inside cabinet doors to keep them from slamming) on the walls that some of the cabinets hit when they're opened. There's several places in the kitchen and in the laundry room that do that. 

-Double check the global source things (from Guardian) to make sure they installed them correctly. We paid extra to have them separate the basement from the main floor ones so we could play different music. They installed it the regular way so we wouldn't be able to do that. The PM is going to call them to have them fix it. 

-Don't be afraid to have them tape anything you don't like. If you don't have them do it there then who knows when they'll get to it. 

-Make sure they turn on the oven, burners, dishwasher, etc. 

-Check all outlets to make sure they all work. 

-Ask about the manufacturer warranties on the appliances, furnace, and hot water heater. Our PM wasn't sure off hand what the warranties were, so he was going to ask. 

-Buy a battery back up for the sump pump. From my understanding, it provides extra protection from the water backing up and going into the basement. 

-Get a dehumidifier right away. Preferably one that has a hose hook up so that the water can continuously drain into the floor drain instead of having to dump the bucket out every other day. FYI- they have a nifty gadget that shows you the humidity level of the basement. 

-Take a measuring tape and measure all of the windows yourself. Our PM said that each house can vary on window size (slightly). He said this should be a MUST if you wanted to order blinds to a specific size. The sales rep at the model home may give you a standard size, but that's not always accurate. 

-The PM highly recommended using a vinegar/water solution for cleaning the tub/shower/anything since the vinegar is non-abrasive. 

-I never would've thought about it, but he suggested Rain-X on the shower glass. Brilliant! You'll still want to squeegee the glass after every other use, but the Rain-X helps prevent build up too. 

-The last thing I can think of for now is that he suggested that we seal the tile grout (in the master bathroom) BEFORE our first time use of the tub/shower. He said the 411 brand of grout cleaner is really good. Also get a granite sealer/cleaner (2-in-1) so that every time you clean your granite, you're "resealing" it.

-Oh! I also highly suggest joining your Ryan Homes neighborhood's community Facebook page. (If they have one). On ours, neighbors talk and ask about anything and it seems to help join everyone a little closer together. For example, a package was delivered to the wrong house, so the owner got on there and asked who received it. The person responded and they met up. Or some parents get on there to help sell stuff for their kids' fundraiser, babysitting needs, complain about HOA stuff, general questions, etc.

Okay, now for a few pics I took:


  1. Guess they did away with access panels in the nook area in bonus room. Probably for the best because it's always real cold in that area. Our bonus room is always 4-5 degrees colder then rest of upstairs in winter. When it was in single digits it was 10 degrees colder. Made them come out and they added more insulation, but I will have to do something different.

    1. Yeah I was happy/surprised about that because they even had the access panel in the model home. They had left the garage door open on purpose so we could see how cold the bonus room got if we left it open. It was at least 5 degrees colder. Needless to say, it will ALWAYS be closed. lol