Sunday, December 11, 2016


We didn't go out to the house this weekend, but I did get answers to my questions that I sent to our PM.

-The kitchen cabinets are a beautiful color, but the quality of the work with installation was not good at all. Doors are uneven, there are chips in a few cabinets/doors, gaps in between the double cabinet doors (big enough to see into them), and the left drawers on the planning desk are uneven. We want all cabinets that have chips/defects in them replaced before the walk through, as we are paying a lot of money for them. And we want to make sure that none of the chips get colored in with some type of marker because we have heard of things like that happening. Please verify that these will be replaced and none will be colored in/covered up. The cabinets have not been adjusted, they will all be leveled and checked.  Anything with a scratch or dent will be replaced.

-We noticed the island must have “buckled” and split when the countertops were installed. I’m sure that is already in the works of being fixed, but still wanted to add that.  The Island is in two pieces, they will come out and buff it to blend the pieces.  However, you will be able to see a connection point.

-Will there be caulk added to where the planning desk counter meets the wall? Yep
-The thermostat on the main floor is in the worst spot it could possibly be. I planned to hang a mirror in the middle of that wall, but the thermostat is almost in the middle where I couldn’t hang anything. In the model, it is all the way to the left side. Please have the thermostat moved over to the same spot.  How far are you looking to get this moved, closer to the kitchen?  I have not been through the Landon Model, I will swing through there to see its location.

You are correct on the model, it does have larger steps.  Our lead walks and steps are 36”.

-There is also a chunk missing out of the concrete on the porch on the side next to the neighbor’s house.  This will be repaired. 

-The railing going to the upstairs is crooked.  The railings defiantly need some adjustment, this will be fixed.

-Call me picky, but the handle on the door coming in from the garage is a brown color when the rest of the door knobs in the house are chrome colored. Can we have that knob match the rest? This is by design, the satin nickel color will carode over time and turn green and black.  We use the Brooze door knobs to help/prevent the weathering.

-There is a scratch on the floor in front of where the stove will be. My father in law felt it and said it was raised and he could pretty much get a fingernail underneath it. Please make sure this is replaced.  Yes
-Some of the drywall was smooth and some of it was very rough as if the painters didn’t clean the walls and painted over the dust. Will the walls be smooth by the time we move in?  They Drywall touchup was in process, this should all be cleaned up.
-In the 3rd bedroom, there are gaps in the attic door where it looks like air can get through. Will these be fixed? Also, the right window in that room doesn’t close all the way. Will this be replaced or fixed?  Yes, this is part of the process for the attic blow.  The completed job will have the access tight to the trim with a piece of weather stripping in between. 
-Upstairs hall bathroom vent has a broken piece. Please replace. Yes

-When you walk into the Bonus Room and look up, there’s a bulge where the wall meets the ceiling. What will they have to do to fix that?  Yes
-Master bedroom door has a chip on the part of the door that closes. (Sorry, it’s hard to explain the location of it).  I could not find this, it may have been fixed prior to me looking though.  We will defiantly fix this though.
-When you get to the bottom of the steps in the basement and look at the ceiling, there is a small hole.  Will be touched up.
-Mark flipped one of the downstairs light switches off and when he tried to turn it back on, the light wouldn’t come back on. Maybe it tripped the circuit breaker?  Breaker needed replaced.
-We noticed a sink in the garage for, I believe, the laundry room. Is this something we’re getting or was that ordered by mistake? We didn’t see any other water hookup in the laundry room.  Wrong top was delivered.
-Mark said there will be someone out there to finish the driveway tomorrow. What is it that they’re going to finish? I’m curious because the driveway seems very rough to the point that if one of my kids fell off their bike on it, they would get scratched up VERY badly.   By design we “comb” the driveway which is what I think you are talking about on this.  Would like to talk to you more about this on site. This is by design, and the reason for this is safety when you driveway is wet, snowy, or icy.  Your car and people would slip around if it was smooth.
-Question about the cardboard on the flooring – shouldn’t all of the flooring be covered with those cardboard boxes? A lot of floor was showing, which leaves a lot of risk for more damage.  We try to cover as much as we can, but some areas get uncovered.  The house is being cleaned on Monday, all of it will be removed and cleaned.  We will walk the house and make sure there are no other repairs then in front of the range.

We know that a few of these things were probably already going to be addressed/fixed, but we wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you could send your reply with your answers to each question in a different color next to the questions, that would be great. Everything else looks fantastic by the way!  I hope I answered your questions, like I said please call me if you have any further questions.