Saturday, November 19, 2016

Can we move in now??

We just got back from visiting the house and I'm getting more and more excited! The siding is all done, the stone is 95% done, the cabinets are installed, the stair rails are in, and the vinyl flooring is done. The doors were actually locked this time, so we couldn't get inside. They said they took the tree out and left a stump, but they must've been thinking we were talking about another tree because the one I was talking about is still there. Well bring this up to the PM. Next week the plumbers and electricians will come back to turn that stuff on and they're hoping to pour the driveway as well. The PM also said the countertops should be installed in about 2 weeks. I feel like it wouldn't take another month to complete, but I know they have a ton of smaller details to work on.

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