Monday, November 14, 2016

Slowly but surely

Our PM wasn't lying when he said now is the time where things seem to slow down. Granted, they got several things done this past week, but they're not as "noticeable" as when the framing was going up. I'm just happy they're making weekly progress and we haven't had any times where they didn't do anything at all.

My sister and I went to the house on Saturday. They put up siding on one side of the house and most of the back. The mudding on the drywall was finished, which I think is what took up the workers' time. I believe they'll get flooring in this week or next week. I already can't wait to get an update on Friday! When we got to the house, the garage door was wide open and there were lots of boxes in the garage. There were cabinets, kitchen sinks, siding, etc. I checked all the colors to make sure everything was correct and it was. I have to give kudos again to our PM for making this process so smooth! A little more grading was done on the backyard to flatten it out more. One concern I have is about a tree in the back. It looks dead and is leaning towards our house. If it falls, it'll likely fall on the morning room, so we're going to request for them to take it out. Other than that, I think that's all they got done. Oh, there was also a propane tank in the front yard and a line running from it to the basement. We didn't go down there, but we felt very hot air coming up the stairs. We weren't sure what that was for. Maybe drying out the moisture?


  1. Congrats on your house my wife & I are also building a Landon and based on your pictures we are on almost the same schedule (close Jan. 4th) House looks awesome and I look forward to more updates!!

  2. Thanks so much for your blog. We are starting the process of building a Landon too. We are set for our pre-construction meeting within the next two weeks. It's exciting seeing someone go through the process.