Friday, July 8, 2016

Rite Rug success!

We had our appointment with Rite Rug this morning and we came out happier than we expected to be. We went in there with a game plan on what type of flooring we wanted in each room and what granite we wanted as well.

They had 3 levels of vinyl. The rep kept calling the Level 3 vinyl laminate because it's basically the same thing. They actually used the laminate on the floor of the room we were standing in and we really liked it.

This is what we ended up going with:

-Foyer, kitchen, family entry where you come in from the garage, and powder room - Cherry Bordeaux cabinets and Natural Living/Black Walnut Laminate floors (The floor that all of the things are sitting on above). Side note: We really liked the look of the hardwood from the model going into the powder room. It seemed to flow really nicely.

-Standard carpet with upgraded 8lb. padding (got this advice off of other blogs and the rep even recommended it). This will be upstairs in the bedrooms/hallway, on the main floor in the dining room/family room/study, and in the finished part of the basement. There were only 5 or 6 options to choose out of the standard options and they were all almost the same colors. If we would've upgraded to Level 1 carpet, then that would've given us a whole rack of different colors to choose from. Carpet just isn't extremely important to us.

- Upstairs hall bath - The standard Fairfield Wheat (the light cabinet in the above picture) with the vinyl flooring underneath it. That vinyl is out of their cheapest ones. The vanity counter will be their standard white.

Laundry room - Cherry Bordeaux cabinets with the lighter laminate floor in the above picture (under the C.B. cabinet).

Master bathroom - Cherry Bordeaux cabinets with the same flooring as the laundry room. I would've never thought of the "hardwood" look in a master bathroom, but the rep said it's becoming more and more popular. I had a very tough time choosing between the white or almond colored 6x6 inch tiles. We ended up choosing almond, but what I really wanted to do was upgrade to the Level 1 tiles because they look so much nicer. They're bigger and plus you would get a decorative trim, but we ended up not upgrading. (That upgrade would've been $1,500). The master bath counter will be the standard white countertop.

Handrail for stairs - We wanted to make sure the railings matched our kitchen floors, so we went with Classic Fruitwood SW3214.

Kitchen counters (Rite Rug doesn't provide the granite, but they had samples there) - We also went back and forth with ourselves before the appointment on whether or not we wanted to stick with laminate or do granite. This was one of those things where we didn't want to hassle with doing once we moved in, so we went with granite. The color is Giallo Napolean (Level 2), which is supposed to be one of their brand new options. It's more of light tan look in person. I like this one because it's more of a "marbl-y" look and doesn't have as many speckles as the other granites. And since granite is natural stone, the look slightly varies in each slab. For example, the sample at Ryan Homes looked a lot lighter than the sample at Rite Rug. I wasn't sure if it was the same one, but it was. In case anyone is wondering, Ryan Homes charges $7,500 for the Level 2 granite upgrade.

We didn't go with any backsplashes because we really don't care to have one. At least not yet. She said the granite will come up on the wall a little bit, so that'll add a nice look. Plus our sink will be on the island, so we don't have to worry about water splashing onto the wall.

One more side note: If you're stuck between getting hardwood or laminate, we would highly suggest laminate (what Ryan Homes calls luxury vinyl). The rep said that hardwood takes a lot of upkeep and laminate is so much easier. I really wanted to do hardwood before the appointment because "luxury vinyl" still sounded cheap to me. But once I researched a little online and actually saw what it looked like in the store, I decided I wanted the laminate instead. Our floors will look just like hardwood.

All in all, we'll be spending $7,400 for flooring. Our Ryan Homes rep gave us an estimated number around there, so we went in expecting to spend about that much. Now that all of our appointments are done, we will have to play the waiting game. Our loan hasn't even gone into underwriting yet, so I'm guessing it'll be about a month until we're approved.

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