Monday, October 23, 2017

We have grass!

So the following Monday after my husband pulled the weeds, we received a letter from the HOA basically saying "hey, we know you took care of the weeds, but you still need to lay grass seed." Somebody must have called about the tall weeds in our yard, but we were annoyed that HOA was telling us what we needed to purchase/do with our own money. We get it - HOA's contract says to maintain a nice yard, but come on... Give us a chance to first! Maybe our grass would've grown the first time we laid seed down if they wouldn't have left behind so many huge rocks, wood & garbage! *End rant*

Well my husband did end up laying more seed and fertilizer. Our yard looks amazing now! There's still a few patchy spots in the backyard and side yards due to all of the rocks, but we've been trying to dig those out as we see them. We're also still finding hay where some of the grass isn't growing. He raked up straw and loosened the soil for 2 days before laying the seed.  He used Scott's Turf Builder - Sun & Shade mix for grass seed, but I don't remember which fertilizer.

Now for pics! (Sorry about the shade - I took the pics in the evening).

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