Wednesday, August 23, 2017

7 month update

We have grass! They finally laid our sod in the beginning of June and I'm so happy I was on maternity leave for it. I got to watch them lay it down and I was home to constantly water it. (Be prepared for a high water bill. Ours was $150, but some other peoples' were $300+!) It has been tough for us and our neighbors (on one side) to get our grass to grow in the back yard because the direct sunlight hits it. There are also tons of weeds! Our neighbor on the other side has more shade in their backyard, so their grass is growing a lot better. Both neighbors have laid seeds down twice since it was laid the first time by the landscapers and we have laid seed down once. I keep hearing it is best to do that in the fall when it rains a lot and when it's cooler outside so that the seeds don't dry out.

***Side note: Make sure that the landscapers cut your sod properly! They left sod overlapping our driveway and sidewalk. It looks awful. I can literally pick up about 3-4 inches of sod. There are also big chunks of sod missing in between some of the strips in the yard. When I put the service ticket in for it, a lady called and told me just to put grass seed down in those parts. I wouldn't have to do that if they would've cut the strips properly. Also - I heard that the landscapers were supposed to come back with a big roller to "flatten" the sod down, but they never did that. You have to stay on top of them.

We have also been putting in a lot of service tickets for little things to get fixed. For example:

-Separating of some of the vinyl flooring in the kitchen/bathroom
-Window not opening/closing properly
-Sod not cut properly
-Crooked drawers

In a couple months, Ryan homes should be coming back out to fix more things that we haven't put in service tickets for. (Nail pops, cracks in wall, etc).

I'm hoping we will install our patio in the spring. We've been told that it's best to let the ground settle for about a year before installing a patio/deck.

Now for lots of pictures :)

So in love!

Storm door from Lowes

Starting to lay sod

Our neighbor's house sits a little closer to the street, so their sod stops further up

All done!
Not a fan of the bushes - we'll put something better down in the spring

After they put down the grass seeds and hay in the back yard


                                               Right after I laid the grass seed down again


                       What our back yard currently looks like (my neighbor took these pictures for me)

Side yard

Weeds galore!

This is the same type of grass seed that the landscapers used

New table

                                                Right after my husband installed our ceiling fans

Nice size space in the basement (7 ft. trampoline is where the morning room extension is)

Neighborhood pool (stole this pic from our neighborhood FB page lol)

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