Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2 week update

It has already been 2 weeks since we've moved in! All of that waiting and anticipation and now we still can't believe we're living here. We have settled in very nicely and we love the neighborhood. A couple neighbors have moved in and the house on the other side of us looks like it's close to being finished. 

One of my neighbors and I are friends on Facebook and she told me that she was told that Ryan Homes was going to cut down some trees behind their house so they can put a drainage pipe in. I contacted the PM and he called my husband. He said that there was a misunderstanding and that the trees were cut down before they moved in and the pipe is already there. Hopefully that means they won't be cutting any more trees down because they add some privacy and peacefulness. Plus we paid extra for those lots/trees. 

Guardian has been a pain in the butt! First, they didn't do something with the global source where you could listen to different music on different floors. A guy came back and "fixed" it, but all he did was put something on the wall. Then another guy came out and said the first guy didn't do any of the wiring he was supposed to. And some of the initial wiring wasn't done right in the first place. He had to come to our house twice and for several hours at a time. He also had to cut 3 holes in our basement ceiling. Talk about anxiety! But Ryan Homes came back and patched them up to make them look like new. Then a couple days later, we realized that one of the speakers doesn't play when it's playing the sound from the TV. But it's weird because both speakers play when music from our phones is playing. So they have to come out AGAIN. 

We've been putting blue tape on things that we see through the house that needs fixed/touched up. One of the slats to our kitchen flooring is raising a little bit, my OCD noticed that my master tub handles weren't installed evenly (one is higher than the other, hard to explain), paint defects, etc. Nothing big thankfully. 

Otherwise, everyone in the neighborhood seems great! They all wave with big smiles and are so welcoming. Ryan Homes has also started forming where the new street and houses will be. I wish I would've taken a picture because it looks pretty cool. They also started adding trees along the whole neighborhood. It looks very nice!

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  1. Sounds so exciting! We just went through our walkthrough with Guardian today. Initially we opted to get a security system through them but I read they have the worst customer service. I opted out of that quick. We have another friend that just closed on a Ryan home recently and she is having horrible time working with Guardian as well. I can't believe Ryan Homes is still hooked up with them. Anyway congrats!